Friday, October 2, 2009

Hubby is gone ...

and the girls went shopping. Okay. Maybe not THAT kind of shopping. We went to a Pampered Chef Party tonite at Becca's. Haven't been to one in years! Have bought a few things from catalog parties, but this was fun. Good visiting ... and finding new uses for some of the gadgets that I actually have.

Anna is going to have a few things to making her baking a little easier. One of these. She tells me that it won't be a science project of pancake batter. Hmmm. And one of these critters. They look so nice to use. Will see if they are or not. I do not EVER buy Crisco. Can't stand scraping that stuff out of the measuring cup ... maybe I'll start buying some if this bugger does the trick.

I think I might be expecting some peanut butter cookies real soon!

I'm On Call tomorrow from 7am to 7pm. Will see what happens. I have a few things that I'd dearly love to tackle. Projects that I can walk away from if I need to head to work for a bit. Now ... my brain is tired. My head is heavy and feels like it is going to plunk off the top of my neck. Must be time for bed.

By the way ... I made cards last night. :)

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