Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Levitation going on in Palmer

Dictionary[dot]com defines the word lev i tate as following:

–verb (used without object)
to rise or float in the air, esp. as a result of a supernatural power that overcomes gravity.
–verb (used with object)

to cause to rise or float in the air.

Being as dictionary[dot]com doesn't give photographic definitions ... I thought I'd help you out a bit here. It helps me to add pictures to definitions. :)

On Sunday a sweet neighbor man delivered us a trampoline. Apparently, his daughter got plenty of use out of this but now uses it only to suntan. To be perfectly honest, I can't quite imagine that phenomenon going on here in Palmer ... especially when one of mine is dressed in a sweatshirt ALL summer long..

We will get plenty of use out of this one! I might even try. S'pose I should make a Depends run first?


Anonymous said...

I knew an old lady who jumped on the trampoline every day. Said it kept her insides strong. She had to be over 70! You never know what it will be good for huh? :L

Anonymous said...

Someone passing by on Keenan road, some years ago, reported seeing your mother on the tramp.

Anonymous said...

And did Mom need to make a depends run, too? :)

Anonymous said...

fun, fun! better get all the use out of it that you can now, before the snow comes! we are hoping santa brings us one again this year, but that may be a bit too hopeful! we'll see:)