Thursday, October 1, 2009

Uh oh ...

What happened here? I should have taken a picture of these two trees every day and watched the change in them. Figured I'd share a phone picture with you ... if nothing else! The leaves are disappearing in earnest!

This one is still hanging on tho'. As is this silly little lilac tree in our yard. Goofy thing doesn't bloom yet and is as green as can be 'til the snow flies. Go figure.

Jari is on his way home. Told him I'd have fresh coffee when he got here ... best get the beans grinding and the coffee cooking. I'm On Call and being incredibly lazy about doing anything. Haven't been called yet ... so far so good.
Blayde is at school. Alyx is at work. Brock is sending me Yahoo Live (?) messages from a computer downstairs. Apparently has no clue who he is chatting with. Too funny. Anna is buried in homework at the dining room table. Tia is making some flute music. I'm off to make coffee.

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