Thursday, October 1, 2009

9:08 pm and wondering

should I ...
  1. clean up the kitchen
  2. read my book
  3. work on making some more cards
  4. surf some creative websites
  5. balance the checkbook ... forgot! I don't do that anymore. (whole post in itself)
  6. have another cup of coffee
  7. throw a load of whites into the washer being as the shower is free
  8. burn the burnable trash

Bag it. I may just stare into space. And. Do. Nothing.


Anonymous said...

some people would answer: It's 9:08pm, go to bed!
I would say: my nights just beginning! haha! kids would all be in bed, i would do some cleaning, throw a load in the washer, check out some websites, then relax with my book!
what's the post about balancing the checkbook? you got my curiosity!

Anita said...

I'll come up with a good checkbook balancing one. You wouldn't believe how relaxed I've become about some things. Hard to believe it myself!