Thursday, October 29, 2009

There is now an onion

next to my pillow. Maybe not quite that close! Could you sometimes just give yourself a little whack? Why on earth do my brain cells not function like they use to? I have oodles of vitamin C on the kitchen counter. Echinacea sits right next to it. Garlic is up in the cupboard. Do you think that in any of the last 3 days that I've been feeling punky that I've taken any? Not until last night. And .... I put the onion next to my bed. Next I'm going to try something else. I started coughing yesterday. Let's hope it was a fluke. When you have a cold, or child with a cold/cough, try putting Vicks on your feet ... not on your chest. Give it a try and let me know how it works. Apparently, it works very well.

In other news ... it has been cloudy and raining for several days. Yesterday the clouds lifted and the sun poked out a bit. Oh. My. Goodness. The view. I itched to run home and get a camera. So I did. I just stopped a little longer while I got dinner into the oven first. Jumped in the car and headed back toward work where clouds had been hovering in front of snow capped moutains again. (They've been bare for a while now.) There is another view that I want to capture for you as well and need to get it before it is covered with snow. Not yesterday. The clouds rolled in thicker than soup. So much for that idea. Once in a while there is a moment where you see something and kow you should stop the car ... smack dab in the middle of the street ... and grab the image because you're watching it disappear before your eyes. The sun and clouds yesterday were stunning. The traffic was a wee bit busy on Palmer Wasilla Highway and I really didn't feel like getting into a collision ... so I kept on driving. I'm learning tho'! Sieze the moment is my motto. Should have taken a driver with me. Maybe that is the ticket. Enjoy your wonderful Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Watkins menthol camphor ointment works better for me than Vicks ... would be interesting to hear if others have luck with Vicks or not.
~ Joyce

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug Joyce. Took
some Watkins orders Wed. evening so
can order other things than just the Menthol Camphor for you. I
checked at Walmart; they didn't have much anymore. Read an article
about Walmart; they want you to keep lowering your price. I guess
Watkins wasn't going to go along with that idea. dk

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Then we'll be set for the winter coughs.
~ Joyce

Anonymous said...

How is the onion working ... feeling better?

heather said...

I tried the Vick's Baby rub on Heidi's feet and didn't clear her up. I put it on her chest and back and it worked great. I do put Vicks on my feet, but it helps with lotioning up feet and is a pedicure while you're sleeping. It may help to keep me from getting sick though when I put it on my feet. I'll try to pay more attention. I've thought about buying stock of the stuff.... I go through a LOT of it!

I have an onion on my kitchen counter hoping to take away the germs. Since I did that, Shawn got a sore throat... not so sure that it works. I haven't put it by the bed, but have thought about it and putting it by Heidi's crib.


Anita said...

Heather ... you're hilarious. If the coughing jag hits Heidi and she has a nasty cough going on, try that Vicks again and let me know. Not everything works for everybody, but if it helps keep us out of the doctor's office and feeling fine then it can't hurt to try!

Anita said...

Will have to check and see where I can get Watkins up here. I've seen ads on Craigs List ... should go back and look again. The smell of all that stuff just makes me feel young again! Might even make me accidentally answer my phone saying "Win with Watkins, Hello?"