Monday, October 26, 2009

Uh. Oh.

Tia just woke up. "My throat is swollen shut." Samuli is staying home today. He has been having throat problems as well. No fevers running around here, just voice and throat issues.

Sunday was a relatively quiet day. Jari & I went to breakfast with Ross & Denise. We seem to have issues finding time to get together with them. This life sort of gets a bit busy sometimes. Home to do a Sunday School lesson, take a nap and head to church.

On our way home from breakfast yesterday I started thinking about time. I started with thinking 6 years from now ... then changed it to 5 years instead. 5 years kept me on this side of 50. (In case you're wondering .. that would be the lower side of 50.) We all know how fast time marches on. It will soon be 2 years that we have been here. Another 5 years will fly on by ... and I'm not sure I'm ready for that! 5 years from now ....

  • my oldest kiddo will be 27 years old ... at least he won't be 30!
  • all of our children (who are high school studentes today) will have graduated
  • the last of my kids will have been confirmed
  • my baby will be counting down days until her 18th birthday ... also happens to be her Golden Birthday
  • I could have 4 children married
  • I could be a grandmother
  • all of my kids could still be living at home
  • my dear hubby will be a decade older than I
  • going according to the current weight gain schedule I have going on here, I could weigh another 50 pounds more than I do today

I think this calls for a plan. We'll start with taking lots of photos. Then we'll play MANY games of Settlers or whatever else it is that the kids enjoy playing. We'll spend many hours visiting about the important things in our lives. I'll try not to get frantic that I haven't taught them everything that I'm suppose to before they leave home. And the weight gain? I keep thinking I ought to do something about that as well.


Anonymous said...

I just got an e-maii about a remedy that I've heard many people have tried before but I never remember to try it.

When you have a cold (or even the flu), cut an onion in half and place it cut-side up in a bowl near your bed ... and you should feel much better by morning (maybe not ALL better after the first night). I guess the onion somehow absorbs the "bad bugs" and kills them ... thus they are not left floating around the room.

Not sure if it really does work ... but worth a try. Our Tanner has a cold and I have the onion by his bed for tonight ... we'll see how he feels by morning.
~ Joyce

Anonymous said...

Also on the onion story, an uncut and an onion with the peel left on works to collect "bugs" (maybe)
We have an onion, whole one on the table in the kitchen.