Monday, October 19, 2009

Another busy weekend

and needing Monday to recuperate!

Friday evening Jari and I went to a Songleaders/Organists meeting at Richard & Carols ... along with sauna. Was fun to get together and work on songs. Carol invited spouses along and the sauna was hot. Their sauna is so much fun. It has personality and is so inviting. I'm still not a big fan of sauna. Maybe I spent too much time in the hot stuff day after day after day. Either that or I just need one of my own where I can start taking one every day of the week .. and make it a part of my life! Kids all went to hockey while we did our thing!

Saturday, Alyx and I headed over to Ambers for another afternoon of card making. We are done. What is done is done and we're not doing any more. At least not for the craft sale. We want to take a weekend jaunt to a local cabin and just make cards all weekend long. Not yet, but hopefully sometime this winter. Fill our stashes of cards. Doesn't that sound like fun?! As much fun as it is to craft ourselves into oblivion, it sort of eats up my Saturday house cleaning and baking. Hoping to get back to a bit of that now that the cards are done. The evening saw some company over here ... and the kids went to HAPs. While I was out playing in the afternoon the guys were busy working around here. The cabin came into some semblance of order that now holds 2 people's things. Brock is still sort of displaced. Have to come up with a plan for him. The Leaning Tree of Marjanen Drive came down too! Now I don't have to worry that the whipping winds of winter will plow the thing down across my path and keep me from going to work in the morning! They were busy boys!

Sunday morning I just had to head out for a few minutes with the camera. We needed a quickie trip to Walmart for a calculator. That's all we needed. We just needed 7 of us to go get one Don't ou love it?! It was a fun little jaunt. :) We've been a bit frosty in the morning for the past week. The sun was giving out shining crystals everywhere I looked. Vehicles now covered with cold stuff in the mornings ....

and needing to run a bit before they leave the yard.

The green has changed to trees waiting to be blanketed in white.

Even the most mundane was sparking for me. I s'pose I could have sat out there for an hour just trying to get pictures of frost ... but it was a bit chilly on the fingers.

This weed has seen the end of it's summer life ... I'm sure it will spring back next year and look beautiful in green. Yesterday it looked rich in ice.

Even the hand rails on the stairs were waiting to be captured.

I finally did give up and put the camera back in the house. Off to Walmart we went. They place clearance items in the front of the store behind the checkout lines. I found a patio heater that we've been eyeing forever ... and didn't want to spend the asking price on. I was willing to pay what they wanted this time! We think that Benny had lowered his a bit to keep the heat closer to the noggin ... will have to play with that. It will be a bit of a warming addition to the porch ... maybe buy us another month or two of comfort out there.
We came home to put up the heater and found that the porch was wet. Looked like someone had thrown water out there. Hmmm. Fred said it looked like that yesterday as well. The frost melts on the roof sheeting and drips all over the place. Yikes! All of our Prescott boxes were out there and needed to be moved in to protect the things. So we sorted through the things. Moved some into the pantry, others to the tops of cupboards, others to different boxes and reorganized things. I'll share pictures of my favorites ... later during the week.
Had a houseful of company for the afternoon ... good visiting!
Monday morning again and off to work to start the week! Have a good one!

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