Sunday, October 4, 2009

Good Sunday Morning

October has come. Hard to believe that. Winter is just around the corner ... and this household is getting just a bit excited for it. Before I share anything about our day yesterday, I wanted to share these photos. Jari was in Homer for 3 days this week and came home with a camera loaded with pictures. I'm glad he took it! Some of my absolute favorites. I'm not a fan of inside shots, but nature gives us so much to look at here. So much to capture in the camera lens. So very much to appreciate and marvel at.

View from the place they stayed at on the Homer Spit. I think Jari and I need a getaway. It has been a very long time since we went anywhere alone for the weekend.

Thursday he came home from Homer, we spun his laundry and repacked the bags. The boys took him to the airport so he could join his family in Prescott. This photo he sent via i-phone. The one of the entire family didn't turn out very well. I sure do miss all these wonderful people. I've been incredibly blessed to enjoy them in my life ... to share our journeys.

I wasn't able to go with him as I couldn't get time off work and was on call both Thursday evening and Saturday. Saturday I got ready just in case I got called in ... and then joined a few people around the globe celebrating World Card Making Day. Any excuse will do, won't it? We've been busily making cards for our craft sale on October 31st. Soon I want to make a bunch to fill my own stock at home!

Amber was making cards at home, I was making cards over here. We kept texting each other with "6 more done!" messages. Nolan had been sick and I didn't need the flu bug over here, but he woke up feeling well! I waited 'til my bread was done baking and my laundry was done spinning ... making more cards in the meantime. Then Anna, Tia and I headed over there. We accomplished! A total of 70 cards yesterday. Not a bad day!! We've decided that we need an entire weekend of that! So fun to use scraps and create ... with quick results.

On our way to Ambers, we found the Sherwin Williams paint store. So far, so good. Not called in to work. I'm going to justify my paint shopping here for a minute. I do get On Call pay. It isn't enough to count for much of anything, but I did earn enough sitting next to the phone yesterday to buy a few jugs of paint. These things are small. They're test paint. You're suppose to just paint a splotch on the wall and see if you like it or not. Hmmm. Carol Johnson introduced me to these things. She managed to turn her white walls into marvelous colors using just these "sample" size paint jars. So we went for it. For $4.99 ... I can paint a wall and smile big. We had a blast. Anna, Tia and I spread on some paint.

The girls went for these colors in their room. We're only doing 2 walls ... don't want it too dark. One wall down ... one to hopefully paint on Monday evening.

I did attempt to put some paint in the mud room since we've moved in here, but we realized that we've not added color to a wall since BEFORE our house in AZ went on the market. The "want to sell it" paint doesn't count. That was blah. We're ready for some color around here again. A little at a time and we'll see what we can accomplish! Finished listening to a Mary Higgins Clark book while scrapping and painting yesterday.
Today the sky is dripping just a bit. No sunshine out there. Household is very quiet. I have a Sunday School lesson to prepare and a turkey breast to get into the oven. Have a relaxing kind of day!

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Anonymous said...

I am going to 'go for it' and paint my kitchen red!! can't wait to see what it looks like, and I haven't even bought the paint yet! then my walls will match my couch....Trina took a red pen and colored the entire arm rest of the couch! (and all over the new chair I got from Lisa, but I was able to get that off thank goodness!) Pens in the house are going to drive me insane...guess I just have to keep one in my purse, and throw the rest out!
I love those two colors, and can't wait to see your pictures of the finished rooms!
We've been having fun with Jari here:) sure wish you could have came too! Got a babysitter tonight, and spent a fun evening with Warren and Brita!
and I am soooo tired, but Taryn just fell asleep finally so now I can go to bed myself! We all overslept this morning, we'll see what tomorrow morning brings!
Goodnight, Jenny