Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wow ... what a day!

I did get to the farm yesterday. Pyrah's Pioneer Peak Farm is where I went for the first time last year ... and now that I have the lovely internet site ... can see what is ready to pick. Going back for raspberries around the 10th. Tia was the only willing soul to crawl out of bed yesterday morning. We really didn't need much more help than that. As it is ... I think we managed to do some bang up business. We picked 33.99 pounds of broccoli and picked up 11 pounds of zucchini. Do you have any idea how much broccoli that is??!! I think we bit off a bit too much. May need another freezer to store broccoli in. Yesterday I put almost half of it in the freezer! Clean the vegie a wee bit more ... blanch it ... individually freeze it ... and then bag it. Still don't have a vacuum sealer so Ziploc and I are good buds.

Came home from picking broccoli and my plan was to put a batch of green vegie freezing and then run a few errands in town ... and head out for blueberries. We got to the errand part ... even picked up 10 pounds of shelled peas on our jaunt ... and dear hubby rang. Emergency dip netting opening at Fish Creek with anticipted huge numbers of fish coming up the creek. Hmmm. This creek hasn't been open for 10 years for dip netting. Really don't use a lot of blueberries. We eat a LOT of fish. I've never been dip netting. Fish Creek is relatively close by. Off we went. The kids were more than happy to exchange blueberry picking for fishing. I didn't take the camera along. I have this nice new phone that I think takes pretty good pictures. I took plenty of them. We didn't catch not one fish. Not even a teeny tiny dolly varden. Nothing. I saw maybe 3 fish caught out of the seemingly 100 people around us. But we had a blast. And all those pictures are still on my phone. My wonderful phone won't let me send them out of the phone. It is rather possessive. I hope I can figure this out sometime soon ... would love to share them with you. We spent about 5 hours out there enjoying the sunshine and gorgeous day. So we came home with no fish ... but we came home with Fireweed blossoms. Quite a few of those buggers!

Got home after 7 pm and the fun began in earnest. Bless her heart. Tia peeled 11 pounds of zucchini and, along with my small garden crop, we froze 40 cups of grated zucchini. Put up another 10 cups of rhubarb, 10 pounds of peas, more broccoli ... and I made fireweed jelly! I really need to quit taste testing on a spoon. Need to taste test that one on a piece of toast and see what it tastes like. Not nearly as tart as the currants. Those make my toes pucker! Not sweet like my favorite strawberry freezer jam either. I'll certainly vote for easy to make tho'! I have enough blossoms sitting here to do at least another batch. If they haven't walked away, or been carried away by bugs and bees, by Monday ... maybe I'll make another batch. :)

I should be sleeping in but my phone rang at 6:30 this morning. Jari and I are off to do a bit of 4-wheeling today. Date Day. I'll bring a camera along for sure this time!

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