Monday, August 31, 2009

Saturday ...

Tia and I headed to the Alaska State Fair Parade in Palmer. Just the two of us. We walked what she said was "a mile at least" and had an awesome time! Small town parades are just so much fun! Plenty of room to sit on a curb and watch the passing fun. A good coffee shop for something warm for me and something cool for Tia.

Brock helped with the United Way banner.

Doesn't he look just pleased to be sitting on his tractor seat? Love it!

We had more fun on Saturday ... after grocery shopping, we stopped at a few garage sales and found a few fun prizes! Will share those later.
Hoping to take in the State Fair on Saturday and especially hopeful that the weather stays like it's been. Not looking good at the moment, but you never know! It has been gorgeous!

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