Sunday, August 16, 2009

Have I been here lately?

Doesn't feel like it.

Jari came home Wednesday evening.
Guess what I came home to on Thursday?
That red glow in the stove isn't photoshopped. It was real. He lit the first fire of the season. :)
Not that the house needed it, mind you. Just that it was fun to do. Felt downright cozy.

Friday evening we took the kids out to dinner .. thanks to the guy Jari did the job for. Gave him a check with a letter that, in essence, said "Thanks for a job well done ... take your family out to dinner on me." Yummy! We went to the Noisy Goose. Fun to go anywhere but your own kitchen.

The kids declined the fishing holes, so Jari and I went. Stopped at Tail Race and then went to Jim's Creek. Why didn't we bring waders along? Beats me. Was raining ... no waders ... didn't do any fishing. Fun to see places tho'.

Saturday I took my nose out of the book and actually went to Costco. That's a big one for me. I dont' like going to Anchorage and go as seldom as I can get away with it. Just some of life along the way. We're getting our own stoplight. Construction has been going on forever (feels like) and they still aren't done painting stripes or arrows. Will see when the lights are turned on.

On to the glass buildings with cloud reflections in town ....

where we also appreciated the fact that one can still see lines on the pavement. Won't be long and we'll be guessing how many lanes there are really suppose to be.

Alyx was working and the rest of the kids went to HAPs ... Jari and I took the waders and poles and headed to Tail Race. Met Ross & Denise (with Ingrid on her first fish smelling expedition) and Mark & Jenna there. Yippee!!! I got to try! Didn't catch anything but some weeds ... but that's besides the point. I finally got to cast a line in the water!

Beauty ... fog rolling in on the water ... occasional silver salmon being caught ... awesome!

School supplies are bought. 4,860 pieces of paper ... 240 pencils ... and nothing off the supply lists yet. Guess what we get to do this week?! More trips to Target ... still another trip to Target ... maybe we'll do Walmart on the 3rd trip.

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