Thursday, August 20, 2009

Life at our house this week

I should go run around with the camera so I can show you what is happening here right now. It is 8:27 pm on Thursday evening. My four (yup, all of them!) have been sleeping since I got home from work. Anna was up long enough to tell me she didn't like halibut ... and skittered off to her room.

They are crashed.

One on the couch.
Another on the comfy living room chair.
Yet another on the floor.
Only one in her bed.

I really did try to wake them up for dinner. Several of them looked at me through one open eye. One even rolled over. None of them woke up.

Any guess at how much homework they have that needs to get done this evening? Yikes! I don't want to think about it. At all.

I really should go wake them up. But ... it's so quiet here. :)

And I'm rather envious. I think I yawned my way through half the day at work. This 5:15 a.m. stuff is catching up with me as well. There is a bright side to my world at that time of morning tho'. I'm not hustling out the door. I'm sitting at the computer. Happy as a pig in mud. I'm back to scrapbooking digitally. Have another year to get caught up on. It's great.

Now ... I'm really going to go wake them up.

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