Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday morning

... why am I on the computer?? Just taking a look see to check out what is happening hither and yon. And get ready for a busy day ... one that my kids are just going to love. I'm taking them to the farm today to pick broccoli. Looks like the zucchini is ready to pick this weekend as well. If so ...we're coming home with some of that too.

The sun is shining and the skies (for the moment) are beautiful blue. So after the trip to the farm .. blueberry picking at Hatchers. Many hands makes light work, right? Shouldn't take too long to get a winters supply of blueberries. We'll eat a lot more broccoli this winter than blueberries.

After the blueberries ... I think they should pick me some more currants. I probably won't be able to eat the currant jelly I made. It is much too tart for my taste, but I'm going to try mixing it with some other berries and see how it goes. :) If you're going to eat around here ... today you're going to help.

Silver salmon were supposedly in at Jim's Creek last night ... but they really weren't. Pays to wait and see what folks say after they tromp out there. Get the fruits/vegies in the freezer this weekend and maybe next weekend we can be out snagging some salmon again. I already know that Christmas baking will not fit in the freezer by the time we're done. Not a bad problem hey? I'm really keeping my fingers crossed for some big four legged critters this fall. Mmmmm.

I think that fall is here or coming soon. The flowers on the stairs outside have pretty much expired. It was quite a shock one day to notice that. Certainly isn't water that drowned them, even if we did have a lot of rain. Water drains out the bottom of the pots nonstop. Must be a sign of autumn. While the flowers are starting to dwindle, I feel like I'm coming back to life. It has been a very busy summer. Super fun. Lots of running. Loved the visitors ... who are still coming in August. In the last several days my thoughts have been moving to home projects again. "How can I move things around in the laundry room?" "Need to start digital scrapbooking and getting them printed again." Those kinds of thoughts. Winter thoughts. Time to nest in for the winter. I'm a nester. I'm a very satisfied person when I'm nesting. Wierd, huh? Baffles me as well, but I think I need the quiet of the winter after the busy time of summer. I'm starting to crave it.

Time to run the dishwasher and a load of laundry ... and then wake my sleeping cherubs.

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Anonymous said...

Where is the farm? Who owns the
farm? We got 9 pints of green
beans canned and ate some. The plants have now been cut off. Check on the beets next week.