Sunday, August 2, 2009

Today I took the camera along

when we went on a 4-wheel ride with Amber, Ryan & Nolan. Took the trail around Eklutna Lake and it was absolutely gorgeous. The weather couldn't have been better. The trail didn't have many folks on it when we went in ... plenty on the way out.

Our fun rides. I thought of Jeff & Mona many times today as we were meandering.

Serenity Falls

Jari and Nolan investigating what was under the bridge.

This is actually the river. Looks like a mud bog that I wouldn't want to be swept away in at all. Was moving at quite a clip.

Alongside the raging beast of nature ... the beauty of Fireweed.

We found a hint of color on our way. Must mean that quilting and scrapbooking are around the corner.

And today I thought of Mummu and her favorite trees. Seeing them made me want to just grab a couple of chunks and make some candle holders for her.

What a fun time!

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Anonymous said...

am glad you took your camera along...the pictures look awesome! although the muddy river looks a little scary!!