Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shucks ... still not done.

The room still isn't cleaned. :( Monday? Let's hope. I'll have to share a few other things I found in there. I knew they were there ... just had a chance to treasure them all over again.

Bronte called as I was leaving work on Friday. He's here for the weekend. Warning: don't show up at my house when I'm on a mission to accomplish something. He, in shorts and shiny white tennis shoes, helped pick the rest of the currants I needed. This time I mixed a bit of left over blueberries in there, left over raspberries, some very juicy watermelon berries ... and currants. Got the jelly done Friday evening!

Got to talk to Jenny for quite a while on Friday evening as well. Time zones and busy lives make some connecting incredibly hard to do. That was super fun. Got some good calorie burning laughing out that one! Blayde even got a haircut while I chatted. :)

Saturday a trip to Palmer. Mind you ... that's big. Haha. The usual. Bank, library, post office (skipped that one tho'). Found several books on tape to listen to while I clean. Makes cleaning so much more fun and it flies by. Then home to do some putting up of food. Amber spent the afternoon over here with Nolan and brought me her jar picker upper for removing jars from the boiling water. You should see how creative I was before that contraption!

First time for peach canning!

Then on to pulla for Jari. I've been making braided pulla for quite a while. Decided that if I was going to make pulla on my day off ... was going to do it the fast way. Then I ran out of baking paper and I don't like to clean brown sugar off of cookie sheets. Alyx picked up some the other day to do cookies ... so I made the yummy pullas!

Also needed baking paper for this bugger. I bought my dehydrator at a yard sale and it didn't come with the trays. Can't manage to find them to fit this bugger so I cut baking paper. Kids absolutely love apple leather ... so once in a while I make them this treat! 10 or 12 hours later ... they chew it down quite quickly.

Many visits to the porch to enjoy the flowers ... or whatever else it is that I do out there.

Peas are still climbing and blooming. Even Nolan likes the peas picked straight from the plant. I've not harvested any of these to save for winter. They don't last. I actually went and bought 10 pounds of shelled peas for the freezer last weekend. These we just enjoy like candy.

What more does one need on a sunny day? A rest with your drink and pulla. Nolan helped me pick green beans in the green house ... and they went into the freezer. We pulled out the peppers that looked like they were aphid infested. Moved one tomato plant outside because it isn't doing anything fruit wise and looks like a bit bug eaten. Will see if it does anything outside or not. The other tomatoes are finally filling up with fruit ... slowly!!

Do you think I lost it by the end of the evening. Had a thumping headache and was a bit tired so took a wee 30 minute nap. Must have woken up energized, 'cuz someone got this picture of me. Not sure if Nolan thought I was nuts or what ... probably was!

Not too nuts tho'. We hooted 'til 1 a.m. after playing Settlers. Which I won. Just in case you wanted to know. We kept playing after I won ... and found that you can actually hit 18 points in that game!


Anonymous said...

love reading your posts, and yes, It was super fun visiting on friday night! will have to really make more of an effort to do that more often! It seems you are always baking, canning, picking, growing something...i wish i was up there doing it all with you! gonna start saving whatever pennies i can find and maybe next summer we can spend some time up there!

Sharyn said...

I think I need to send you my address so you can send me a pulla - or, heck - I'll come there