Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I got it!

Jari went to AT&T the other night and got my phone switched back to where I can now send pictures from it. How frustrating! My new phone has all these wonderful photo bells and whistles and I was unable to share them with anyone or do anything with them. Was really wondering what the point of all the whistles was!

Now I got it! Haven't played with the photos on the phone ... just sent them here to share with you. This was my first time seeing this dip netting thing. Essentially, you just stand in the water or on the edge of the creek ... and hold your net. Then you pray that a fish will dodge the hundred other nets and somehow think your net is the most appealing. I don't know if these will show up large if you click on them. I've not downsized them at all ... we might get lucky. There were folks parked in the creek on camping chairs. Notice the older people on the right sitting down? The hubbies were in the creek with the nets ... the ladies pouring over magazines on the bank. Too fun.

This is looking downstream ... about a 10 minute walk to the mouth of the river. Believe it or not, once in a while a fish would get stuck in a net. Rarely, it was one that could be kept. We watched one poor fish get convinced to swim again. It looked like it had been in every net along the way. It had given up and was simply tuckered out.

The waiting game ...

Meanwhile ... we all had a good time!


Anita said...

Sorry. These pictures show up must clearer on Picasa when I view them on my computer. I probably should have fixed them first, but was anxious to share them with you!

Joyce K. said...

As long as I didn't enlarge them, they looked pretty good. Looks like a lot of fun!