Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday ... aaah!

  • All the kids are registered for school
  • Long johns are in the bottom drawer
  • Have to figure out where I saw a dry cleaner ... haven't used one since I moved here ... have a few things that could stand a visit
  • Silver polish is added to the list
  • Walking around the house looking for a place to hang white plates and can't find a wall I like
  • Should I paint a wall?
  • Do I put them in a box and send them to the basement?
  • No rain this morning but it sure is humid
  • Tonight/tomorrow I'm spending time with canning jars again
  • House was sparkling clean when I got home from work yesterday :)
  • It also smelled like delicious peanut butter cookies
  • Alyx goes back to work today
  • Anna & Tia are off to Anchorage shopping for the day ... always fun to see what they come home with ... hmmmm
  • Brock is doing some work today as well
  • Those tomato plants surprised me last evening ... found a few more tomatoes on them
  • Will probably have to put a heater going in there sometime soon
  • Is it worth canning 2 jars of pickles to see if they turn out?
  • Some kind of bug has decided that it really likes my green beans outside
  • Dear hubby is off in Dillingham working for a bit .. no cell phone service ... no internet
  • I do get to call HIM tho' ... we have a planned phone date every other evening :)
  • By the end of this evening I am going to be finished with my room
  • ... and on to the next one!

Have a great Friday!

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