Monday, August 3, 2009

Fireweed Jelly

This is a fireweed plant that is nearly done blooming. The jelly is made from the blossoms. We did pick a bunch of blossoms on Saturday and had some nice plants to pick from.

I'm quickly learning that this is all an experiment. Try once. Try again.

Test #1 gave us a good tasting jelly that is difficult to describe. It was just a bit on the jellied side. Nearly impossible to spread ... more like glob it on your bread.

So tonite (after working a full day and finishing up the broccoli) I tried again.

Test #2 so far looks like it isn't going to gel at all. Argh. Maybe by morning it will miraculously do something in the jars that are sitting on the counter.

If not ... then I'll do what I remember doing with failed chokecherry jelly many years ago. It made the best ice cream topping ever!

Need to stop and get some more sugar for the next experiment!

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