Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hoping we can find another car sometime soon. The Camry Alyx was driving took a serious plunge into auto repair land shortly after she came back from vacation. She has been back to work now for about 3 weeks ... and this juggling is getting downright interesting. She doesn't have 1st hour so on days she works .. it works like this. She brings me to work for 8am and then goes to school. Brock brings her to work for 3pm and then picks me up at 4:30pm. Yesterday I had a meeting at work so was back to the hospital for the 6pm pep rally. Brock was a gem and picked her up at 11:15pm when she got off work. He can't do that tonite ... morning was a bit of a challenge for him today. So I get that duty tonite. Then ... the alarm rings again at 5:15am to get kids up and off on to the bus. Brock put in an application for the state fair today and is hoping for a job there. The fair runs through Labor Day and he's hoping to do some parking lot attendant duty. I'm hoping for him! He could use a good cash infusion.
I was just thinking earlier that I need to start taking some vitamins. I am really bad at that. So bad that I only managed about the equivalent of one bottle of prenatal vitamins in 5 pregnancies. I know there are folks out there who have the miracle cure for me. Please don't send me info. I will find my own pick me upper. Currently ... it is a 30 minute nap ... most rejuvenating. Hoping that if I get something ... I might remember to actually take it!
Hoping that my dear hubby doesn't fall asleep on his way home tonite. Poor guy. I almost feel guilty about complaining about being tired. Yesterday he left by 6am and spent the day working in Anchorage. Home for a quick bite and a quicker nap ... and then off to another job in Eagle River. He didn't get home from there 'til 1am ... and left again at 6 this morning to do it yet again. Good gravy. When it rains it pours. I am thankful. :)
Hoping that our visit to the surgeon tomorrow is a productive one. Blayde and I will go see him in the morning. Hoping that an ultrasound will give us the info we need to finally get ahead of the esophageal problem and get that fixed! One mountain or mole hill at a time.
Gave up hoping that there were raspberries at the U-Pick Farm. The weather wasn't kind to the plants over the winter and my picking spot is in pitiful picking shape. No raspberries this winter! At least we have zucchini ... and, oh yeah, the broccoli!
S'pose all the hoping in the world isn't doing my laundry pile a bit of good ... must get down there to spin a load of work clothes for dear hard working hubby!
By the way ... in case you were wondering ... fall is here. The air is that crisp and cool want to light a fire air. Mmmmm. Think I'll close my bedroom window just a wee bit more tonite. Gets downright chilly in the morning. Don't dare check to see how cool it is ... just know that snuggling under the layers of blankets and quilts feels downright wonderful!

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