Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday evening .. 4 days 'til school starts!

School clothes are ready ... except maybe some more socks.

I haven't purchased one pencil.
I haven't purchased one piece of paper.
Not one binder.
Not one calculator.
Not one folder.

You get the idea.

I can't seem to remember to pick up the Sunday paper in order to peruse the ads ... and I quit getting the paper quite a while ago. Got caught in the budget cuts around here. :) I always end up making multiple trips once the supply lists trickle in. May as well do one bang up job sometime next week and just be done with it all.

Went to Tia's open house tonite. No class schedule available. The algebra class was cancelled. Hello?? The math teacher is not impressed and is fighting to get it back. By Monday ... maybe there will be a schedule. Got the locker opened. Have the list of teachers. Found their rooms. Let's hope and pray that I can stick to the homework this year ... and may my children do a better job at it than I do! Nope ... I'm not ready for this part of winter.

Went to check on tomato plants after getting home today. They're sprouting little critters. Am probably going to have to start heating the greenhouse at some point here. I would really, really, really like at least one RED tomato. I don't even like tomatoes ... that's beside the point.

So while I went to check the tomatoes I notice that the pesky moose were back. They've chowed down the entire broccoli patch. Thank goodness I picked oodles of it at the U-Pick Farm. Wouldn't have gotten a thing out of my garden here.

What do you think they'll pick tomorrow? Will it be beans, peas, potatoes, zucchini or pumpkins? Was complaining at work today about the pesky eaters and had to chuckle at someone's response. He would love to shoot the moose. Maybe I looked a little shocked. I would love a freezer full of moose ... but probably not shot in my yard. We both decided that having a half dead moose traveling to the neighbors to pass on would not benefit the freezer in the least. I'll let you know what the devour tomorrow. Wish they'd just mow the lawn for me.

Fred flies in tonite. He's heading off toward Seward tomorrow and a halibut charter on Saturday. Wishing we were going along. Would certainly be a good time! Ken & Kari fly in sometime tomorrow and am looking forward to seeing them sometime in the next week while they're here. Fun faces ... great visits ... coming right up!

So we head into another weekend. Hmmm.

I really want to go fishing. Silvers are running .... calling my name ... I hope!

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