Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I did get the laundry sorted!

Do you remember that Saturday job list? I didn't make it past the sort laundry part. :) Life is just fun. Somehow that stuff just sits around waiting for you .. job lists have much in the way of patience.

I did pull the carrots and should fun to the "farm" and pick more. I tried something new with them. Dehydrated them all. You really don't end up with much in the way of carrots that way. Especially when dear hubby comes along and samples them! Found a fun website that may help me with dehydrating more things ... and remembering what to do with them after that! Will add a link on the right in case you're interested.

Decided that the bunnies needed to be outside. They're much smarter than I am. One of them hasn't been seen since she wheedled her way out through a ditch she dug. Live trap coming up. I'm told it is just the trick.

Basement? Still looks like a disaster zone. Now I'm done and out of time until next Saturday. Maybe then I'll get to it. How handy the stuff doesn't go away!

It is starting to feel like fall. Really should have gone for a walk yesterday. I didn't. I'm so bad in the exercise department. I mean really, really bad. I also get sidetracked. The air felt cool and crisp ... makes you think of pumpkin pie and bonfires. We don't have leaf burning parties but maybe we should. Just in case you remember that I also attempted to grow some pumpkins .. they certainly won't be giving me enough pumpkin to make pie. Bummer. The AK State Fair winning pumpkin is grown inside ... not outside where my punkins are this year. Maybe I'll move them next year. Maybe I'll just buy one at the fair instead!

Off to scrapbook land for the next 45 minutes. Already have a niggling headache and it's only 6:16 a.m.

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