Monday, August 10, 2009

I think I'm nuts

After working all day today and coming home to make dinner ... the canning stuff came out again. The cukes are all picked from the greenhouse. Mind you ... it isn't like there was a major cuke fest going on in there. But I wanted to try and make some pickles. Should I happen to grow a new crop of them ... I'll try a different way next time. In the meantime, it was fun to experiment!

Then I settled down with a bunch of card stuff ... plopped a cd on book into the player ... and started making a few cards. I had all these left over card kits from our Cardmaking Evening in June. They were still sitting on the counter. Not anymore! They are done and tucked in with all the other cards in my card stash. YES!!!

Now if I could get graduation cards done. They are dismally late. Figure that by the time I get them done and in the mail ... the recipients might be needing a tank of gas or something. Then there are the weddings. Am behind on a few of those as well. Ugh. I'm not forgetting. I'm just late. With a capital L.

Jari is still in Dillingham and should be home the end of this week. I won't get the projects done before he gets home. I just know it. I did manage to get several of my Ikea purchases up over the weekend. Back to that June thing again. I went to Ikea in June and the hardware I bought still hasn't left the bag it came home in. I got baseball caps hung up. Let's see if my contraption works or not. I can just see Jari grabbing one real quick like ... always in a hurry that man is ... and the hook goes flying. Will see. Then I (with help ... thank you!) hung up the magnetic knife holder thing. No more big knives in the kitchen drawer. They now have a place. And ... I realize just how paltry my knife selection really is. Does the job ... yesiree it does.

Well ... I think we've met our medical deductibles this year and we're going for broke. Spoke with the surgeon who I want Blayde to see. He doesn't seem to think this will be any problem at all. Just need to schedule an appointment and get that rolling. Also need to schedule him to see the orthopedic surgeon. He's been wearing a brace for ever on his ankle. May as well fix everything at once, right? Anna went in on Saturday for x-rays of her spine. Scoliosis. The referral for an orthopedic visit was sent today ... will schedule that one tomorrow. I finally did the mammogram thing several weeks ago ... and get to go back for more. I'm telling you ... this nesting thing may not be turning out to be what I was dreaming of. We may be nesting at doctor's offices instead. Do you think I ought to take up knitting ... and do it real soon? Have been wanting to learn how to make socks and mittens. My previous experience with mitten knitting has not gone well ... I should have plenty of time to practice!

Tonight while I was sitting on my pea plant and flower infested porch ... I saw a leaf falling from a tree. Yup. A yellow one. Fall is around the corner. Actually let the truck (I'm driving it while hubby is gone) warm up this morning for 10 minutes before I left. Not that it needed warming ... but it felt good. :)

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