Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Moose are back

I slept in this morning ... if you can call it that! I set the alarm for the ridiculous hour of the morning that will be yelping my name come Monday. And then hit the off button. Did a great job of it too! Have a few quick minutes before I need to get ready for work. Probably should quit taking that 30 minute nap after dinner ... keeps me from sleeping at night. Frustrating!

Bronte was patiently waiting for the moose to make an appearance over the weekend. They've been absent for months. Either we've been gone as they tromp through or they've been tromping elsewhere. Anna said she walked out the door yesterday to find Mom Moose and 2 babies standing there. Yikes! It was a bit of a surprise! My garden has been safe from them for months.

Not anymore. Looks like they are great fans of broccoli ... not of green beans.

New growth on trees is a favorite as well. The tops of the little trees are chewed off. The little trees need to be all the way chewed off. Do you s'pose if I hung a sign on the trees that they would do the rest of the job for me?

They must not like potatoes either. They chomped down the broccoli sitting right next to the potato plants ... left these alone. And miracle of miracles ... the greenhouse door was open ... and they left it alone!

The Annas and Tia went over to Jolene's for a sleepover last night. Wonder if Jolene got any sleep at all! I have Tait over here for the night. The boys were busy riding go-peds and doing boy things. :) They must have been hungry sometime last night as well. The waffle iron is on the counter this morning. The gridde is on the counter. What do you s'pose they were up to last night? Will have to wait to find out.

Got a few cd's of the book listened to in the quiet of last evening. Computer room is mucked out. This family likes to print paper. Oodles of it. Reams of it. Kindling I call it. Discs to straighten out and figure out ... other than that ... I'm glad to be done with that! Wish I could paint in this room and add some cutesy things. Just not worth it. I hope the room is going to disappear sometime in the not too distant future.

Time for work! Have a great day!

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