Sunday, August 1, 2010

It was Thursday night at 11:00 pm

and I finally took a good look at the note attached to the Youth Camp form. When I had glanced at it before, I knew that I had to send cookies along.
They hadn't gotten done.
I worked every day and we've had company all week.
I'm also use to notes that say "2 DOZEN cookies".
I saw the D and I saw the O ... and my brain read dozen.
It wasn't until 11pm the night before camp that my brain read Double Batch.
So, I set the cookbook on the counter with a note for Tia.
I told Jari to make sure she was up early enough to get the cookie baking done.
And I went to work.
She was gone for camp by the time I got home Friday.
Cookies were done ... thanks to some help from Joyce.
Mess cleaned up. Cookies gone. Child gone. Whew!

Saturday evening I downloaded pictures off the computer ....
and found this one.
In case you can't read the note, it says

Please help mom with this. Dad should be home by noon.
Love, Dad

The next picture downloaded (in order and I'm not kidding you) was this one.
Please ignore my coat rack.
Check out the long skinny things leaning on the coat rack.

This is a test.
Not of the Emergency Broadcasting System ... but of something downright close.
I think it is called the Salmon Are In at Jim's Creek Department.
I know what I see.
Fishing poles.
Looks to be about 4 of them.

At about this point I was going to write something like (he really didn't go fishing).
He just walked in here to see what I was doing and I had to show him.
He really can't remember if he fished on Friday morning or not!
The man is getting seriously forgetful.
He didn't.

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