Sunday, August 29, 2010

Today ... I think I managed it.

At least ... maybe a little bit.
I really don't know how to use my camera.
I love it.
I take pictures of things I like.
I haven't a clue how to get things like waterfalls to look like anything other than what my eye captures.
And ... I can't seem to catch on.

I did the trusty little google thing, grabbed my notepad and started jotting notes on what to try.
I grabbed my willing assistant, my camera, my lenses and the oh so scary tripod.
We headed up the road a spell.

I've much to learn, but it sure was fun to accomplish this little miracle!

The leaves are turning and started to drift to the ground little by little.

Graffiti isn't limited to city dwelling. I had to nearly giggle at this one though.
At least we have some "informed" graffiti artists. Rush Limbaugh? They can even spell!

Friday and Saturday we had so much rain that I was thinking we might have to start building an ark. Today ... we saw the sun for a bit ... maybe the plants will dry out!

Off to the airport to pick up my hubby!
He texted me ... and is coming home a day early. :)
Have a great week!


Jenny said...

the pictures turned out great :) You should let me know what other things you want to learn with your camera, and I will use them as my 'tuesday's tip'!

Jessica said...

isn't it fun when you learn something! practice, practice, practice! and practice some more.
great pictures!

Jessica said...

oh and by the way, we have an external hard drive for back up as well as an online back up. can't remeber which one it was. every time I download photos now, I back them up. seriously, DO it. no fun trying to recover. :(

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

When I paint rushing water (haven't
done that for awhile) I'd like it to look like your pictures. mom