Monday, August 16, 2010

Could you dream of anything better?

Blue skies.
Whispy clouds.
Watching gliders sailing through the air.

And looking for blueberries. You can see him behind the red bushes ... just barely. I didn't want to drive up Archangel Road so we looked elsewhere. This spot didn't yield much more than "Oh, it smells like bear" ....

and a paw print to say that there was probably a very good reason it smelled that way!

Trooper Tia came along with us.

We even did a little berry picking between snapping photos.

Enough for these pros to clean out 2 gallons. I haven't decided if I need any more or not. Probably do, but time is not exactly my friend ... I don't think I'll be picking anymore this year.

But then again ... you never know!

Ronda, if you read this I learned something today. There are huckleberries as well as blueberries here too. Maybe the blueberries just don't grow as big here for some reason. Beats me. The cabbage sure do!

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