Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I think I had a glimpse ....

of the Garden of Eden last night.
I have never seen raspberries like that in my life. Lift a branch and they just hung .. waiting to be picked.
And. No. I didn't take a picture for you.
The girls and I went and picked (with a few extras hands to help) 3 gallons of the biggest raspberries I've ever seen last night. Thank you girls! :)

Then we took our raspberry hands and clothes over to Ross & Denise's for several hours to visit with Eric & Jean before they go back to Spokanne today. Wish we could have had a cup of coffee and a long evening of visiting with them about "life with teens". Maybe sometime.

Thank goodness for work. It does tend to get in the way of everything else I'm suppose to be doing. Online schooling needs some tweaking. At the current rate of progress it looks like we'll spend Saturday tweaking it. Maybe even Sunday if things don't get on track here real soon. Grumble. Groan. (That would be the mom ... not the kiddo.)

Brock started a part time job at McDonalds for the fair season. He's planning to bank some money toward another car ... and not make a career out of cleaning the soda dispenser, tables and floor. Great resume builder tho'!

I dare not say that it looks like I'll have my own wheels back real soon here. I didn't say that. You didn't read that. I just might have to plug in my own vehicle at work this winter and not get picked up in a warm ride. Fingers are crossed so hard they're feeling arthiritic at this point.

Jari is feeling better. He didn't take any magic potions with him to Fairbanks and ended up getting a cold kind of sick that had him sounding miserable all last week and through the weekend. Yesterday he sounded fantastic and (at least the second chat last evening) chipper. 5 more full days of him gone ... and then he'll be home for a few hours. Can't wait!

The sun yesterday was absolutely delicious! Yes. The sun can be delicious. It is starting to cast shadows in the late afternoon light. Isn't that funny? It spends the summer rotating above the house ... it now sits lower in the sky and sends shadows instead. It means the porch stays a bit cooler but the greenhouse hit 114 yesterday.

Election Day brought the State of Alaska passage of Proposition 2 which ensures parents are informed if their minor child wants an abortion. Thank goodness. It seems beyond ridiculous that I have to consent for my child to have a Tylenol or Tums at school ... yet they could come home following an abortion and I wouldn't have had to give my consent.

Off to medicate the masses!

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