Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August has not been a kind month

in the state of Alaska.

I'm sure I'm missing things along the way, but in the last week and a half ....

the state of Alaska mourns the loss of the former Senator Ted Stevens after the flight he was on crashed on Sunday evening. He lost his life along with 4 other individuals on that flight. Condolences to all their families and to the family of the pilot, who lost another family member earlier this month in a C-17 cargo plane crash at Elmendorf Air Force Base.

On August 1st, a C-130 cargo plane crashed at Denali National Park taking with it 3 men ... none of whom I knew ... all of who have families left behind. Aviators who loved what they did. Though I didn't know any of them, it appears there are many who did and loved them.

This morning there are still folks sitting out on Knik Glacier waiting to be rescued. On Sunday a plane went down at Knik Glacier ... all are alive with only minor injuries on that one. Then the Air National Guard helicopter sent in to rescue them crashed with no loss of life.

I'm telling you.
It has been a week.

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Forstie said...

yeah no kidding!! I was just thinking today that I have heard a lot of News stories coming from AK this last week!! Such tragidy's!