Saturday, August 7, 2010

We found a new hobby!

I've heard of geochaching before. In fact, I remember talking about it with Gary and Laurie quite a while ago. Recently, we had a patient at the hospital whose husband and children were out looking for treasures while she was having her procedure done ... and the seed was planted again in my noggin.

Tonight I signed in and started getting excited.
Jari and Fred were out fishing (no fish to can tomorrow) and when they came home we went out searching ... Jari and I by truck, Fred and Tia by 4-wheeler ... for ones that were incredibly close to home.

Mind you, we've never done this before.
We had no clue what we were even looking for which made it quite interesting.
The first one took a bit of digging.
I don't know if the GPS on the i-phones is accurate or even the right one (according to geocaching there are several different types?), and we were sort of walking back and forth in circles ...
digging in leaves ....

trying to figure out which way we were suppose to be heading ...

wondering if people get really creative in their hiding places ...

and voila ... Jari found it!

Inside this little cylinder is a tightly rolled piece of paper that you date and sign. Then log on in the internet to say you've found it.
We headed to the next one ... and found it quickly.
Thank goodness we started with the ones that were rated only ONE star for difficulty. Can't quite imagine looking for something that is incredibly difficult to find for a starting point.

I can think of several of you out there that read this who would have an absolute blast with your kids joining this fun adventure.
Joni ... there looks to be over 13,000 things hidden in Finland.
Frans & Jenny ... over 16,000 in Arizona.
Grandma & Grandpa ... you have the entire country to search the way you travel! Found a new past time for you. Imagine the fun you would have hiding them! In all your travels you could drop things wherever you went! :) 
We can't wait to try find some more tomorrow! And ... we can't wait to hide some ourselves.

Head over to geocaching at this website and check it out. It's free of charge and super fun! Let us know if you give it a try.


Anonymous said...

It does sound fun and I am going to check out that website!

Kendra Jean Photography said...

I never did look into it either. But Marks kids do it, and they have found TONS of them. I heard about them lots last summer!