Thursday, August 5, 2010

I did it!

I stuck to it all day long today.
Started at about 7 this morning and didn't stop 'til after 5pm. And I didn't do the Fly Lady thing. I did the cd thing instead. One room for nearly a cd's length ... nothing quite like an audio book to motivate me.
Not done, but I'll be happy with what did get done.

Started in my bedroom with my clothes.
I gave up trying to fit into some things again.
Other things ... even if I would love to fit into them again ... how many pairs of capris does one need in this climate of ours. Not that many.
Little slippy on sandals that hurt your feet? Gone.
I handled every article of clothing (except the socks and undies) that was in my room and belonged to me.

Then I moved to the storage room.
It is rather large and dreamy for storage.
And when my dear husband built the thing ... he filled it.
I've not touched it since then.
Today I touched. Everything but his tools and stuff. That I won't touch with a 10 foot pole.

I really had to wonder about a few things. Like how many pairs of feet live in this house? How many of them actually slip their feet into snowboard boots? And ... why are there so many of them?!

We also have this nifty rod running down the center of the room. Jackets and coats are another problem. I didn't go through them. I'll save that for another day. I really can't say too much in that department though. I'm a bit of a collector myself.

My aim had been to get rid of things. I was going to pitch to my hearts content. The heart wasn't content with any pitching today. I do need some hanging devices for things like skiis and fishing poles ... being as I didn't manage to get rid of not much of anything in that room today. Aargh! There isn't really an available wall left. I'll have to take over another room I guess. My hubby would rather build a garage. I think I agree with him.

So here is Problem #1. There are boxes of things down there that probably don't need to be. I'd love to e-bay some stuff and see if I can get rid of it but I have no clue if it is worth anything or not. So, I rearranged things ... picked up some massive dust and other stuff with the shop vac ... gave it a once over and left it all in there. Nearly all. I did remove several bags of stuff. Like chair cushions. I don't own any dining room chairs anymore. I haven't for nearly 3 years now!!

Problem #2 is that if I get rid of stuff I might need it later. How dumb is that?! But ... you just never know. I really don't want to replace luggage that has a handle that may be tricky to put back into the bag while the rest of it still works. Even if it IS ugly.

I did make it through the rest of the basement as well. Need another several hours in the laundry room ... and a trip to donate all kinds of items to the local thrift store. After which ... I'm done and ready to play.

Mission accomplished ... mainly because this handsome guy was gone all day today. You gals know how it is, right? They're home and you don't get a thing done.

Tomorrow I'm going fishing with him. :)


Anonymous said...

no, you don't get a thing done while they are home! At least I don't! I have gotten better about pitching things. I figure if I haven't used it in 2 years, it's gone. sometimes I cringe when I'm doing it, but I just don't have the room for a bunch of junk laying around! I would LOVE to have your big storage area!
Have fun fishing!

Anita said...

I agree with the "haven't used it or worn it .. pitch it" thing. I think we've used all that stuff. Can't pitch tents, airbeds, sleeping bags. Clothes I can pitch easily most of the time. The rest of it a person doesn't come by inexpensively .. those we keep.

Kendra Jean Photography said...

I have been getting better! It is so hard for me to just start throwing perfectly good stuff away, so lately, I have been making myself feel better by throwing the bags or whatever in the back of the truck and when I drive by those donation boxes I throw them in there:) So at the same time I am slowly emptying my house of "stuff", someone else can make use of it.

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

That explains why our apt. is so
dusty; my hubby is here most of the
time. Last time he went someplace
I quickly vacuumed. Then I'm not
that crazy about dusting anyway!

Forstie said...

Looking back on what I wrote, I hope I didn't make it sound like I thought your stuff was junk :)