Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How does your garden grow?

A potato got caught in the middle of the carrots and is growing quite nicely. :)
Looking at these luscious carrot tops makes me quite excited for next year and a much larger garden ... and all that weeding! I do love weeding.

Zucchini was started rather late. I transplanted several plants outside and the rest in the greenhouse. The greenhouse plants we moved outside last weekend. I do have a visible start of one squash on a plant. Grilled zucchini coming up!

These things are my pride and joy this year. Should they ever grow big enough to start turning red ... I'll be crowing from the rooftop. We really do have about 100 tomatoes growing out there. And I still don't like tomatoes. I don't have tomato cages. Instead they are tied up and all over the place using anything from oxygen tubing to zip ties to bungee cords. Whatever is most handy when the plant starts to fall over. I've trimmed the plants to nearly naked. Taking off anything that isn't nearly vital to the growth of fruit.

Along with our tomatoes ... we have the biggest crop of daddy long leg spiders I've ever seen in my life. They are feasting everywhere ... either they or spider mites (whatever they are). Good thing I'm not needing these delicate blooms for anything other than a strainer or a funnel. This would be my first dahlia ever ... and the seed was planted at Easter. Patience is big in this gardening game over here.

I am off to clean my room. I am going to pull a half Fly Lady and set the timer today. I'll go for longer than 15 minutes ... maybe 30 in each room and see what I accomplish!

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Anonymous said...

That Dahlia is so pretty!! your patience paid off :)
At mothers/daughters camp this last weekend, there were so many HUGE daddy long leg spiders!! I fell asleep wondering how many I was going to eat while sleeping! GROSS!! Jenny