Monday, August 23, 2010

Glimpse of the weekend ...

Started Friday with getting off work several hours early. I was on the schedule to be off early and had no clue as to why. Maybe it was last year .. and got on the schedule this year. I'll take it. Thank you very much. I had barely gotten on the freeway when my phone rang. Riitta keeps accidently dialing me instead of Anika ... I love it. :) Gave me a moment's panic thinking something was wrong somewhere. It wasn't. Got home and took a nap out on the sunny porch ... and woke to a call from my brother David. All before I should have normally been home. See? There WAS a reason!

Then off to the annual Carnival Fundraiser.

Kids had a rippin' good time as always. Good food .. visiting ... wandering around looking at Brenda's beautiful flowers that were absolutely everywhere!! Oh .... I wish.

Saturday we shopped. Found I only had ONE load of my own laundry to do. Wow!! The shopping now is a different story. I started wondering about Murphy's Law and why it exists. When the budget is rather tight (if it exists at all!), why is it you run out of things like printer ink, bath soap, and dog food all in one week?! And why does it all have to run out the week you need school supplies as well?

The girls and I ran to several stores on Saturday. We were quite proud of ourselves. Started at $129 at Fred Meyer and ended up spending $31. Should have quit while we were ahead. Next we went to Carr's. Coupons loaded on the card and others in my hand ... with the mission of getting a $10 coupon toward a gift card ... that we never got. In the end we decided that we'll just stick with Freddy's for our great deal shopping. Got ready for Fred's 40th Birthday coffee at church in the evening. That was fun! Took my camera along and never got one picture of him! How typical is that?! Saturday evening discussion, coffee, a trip to Walmart and then visiting 'til 12:30 in the morning.

Sunday services and then more visiting. :)

Monday morning.
Alarm clock.
Makes me wonder if Murphy invented the alarm clock.

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