Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vacation Days 1 and 2

Monday is finally here!! Vacation week has started!! 
Jari and I headed out fishing to Jim's Creek bright and early. Jari managed to catch one nice size red ... I just played with the fish. They danced all around me ... even had the nerve to chase my lure like they were in a game of cat and mouse. Guess they preferred to stay right where they were ... rather than with me.

As much as I'd have liked to take one home with me ... it was equally wonderful to just be out there. In the damp. In the chill. Mist rolling in and out with seagulls anxious for a meal.

Homeward after a few hours of that.

I'm not managing to accomplish what I had dreamed of this week.
To be perfectly honest ... I'm not going to hit much of anything on my list.
Ugh. Makes me frustrated.

I did manage this one yesterday tho'.
Way back when (which really wasn't that long ago in reality), Alaskan homesteaders didn't have access to many of the food stuffs found in stores in the more civilized areas. So a great amount of their innovation was derived from using existing resources in creative ways. Honey was one of those condiments that was always in short supply in the early days of Alaska history.

I picked some of this ...

a little of that ...

very little of this ...

and a few more ingredients such as allum and sugar.
Next to the boiling, straining and water bath processing of them .. and on to the taste test. I was super impressed with the taste. I am quite certain that it doesn't have the nutritional value of real honey ... but a dab on some bread, a drop in your tea or honey in your bread dough ... it will certainly work!

And ... being as I really have a hard time watching things go to waste ...
I made another batch on Tuesday as well.
That really is just an excuse to be in the kitchen.
Like clover and fireweed going "to waste" is enough to ruin my day.

Visiting Monday evening.
A run to check out a school on Tuesday morning with a stop at an antique store. I found one of my tea sets in that store. Along with plenty of my white glass. Nothing I couldn't live without tho'. Good thing. 'Cuz I'm not shopping anyway.

Target for laundry soap. I was going to be good in the coupon department. Have decided to get motivated and start working at this saving coupons and shopping sales again .. after reading about Jenny's great success. I left quite a few coupon deals in the store and walked out with other things instead. Laundry soap was less expensive without the coupon if you bought another brand. Enough of that. I did get a few school supplies as that is around the corner.
On homeward to take a nap ... and then bake some bread.

Enough of Tuesday.
Tomorrow I must clean!
If I get distracted in the morning and end up running somewhere I'm off kilter for the rest of the day. Can't manage to get back on track for anything!

I'll be running in circles at 70!


stacy said...

what are the purple flowers? my daughter was eating them the other day-she said they tasted like carmel!

Anita said...

The tall purple ones are fireweed. I should give them a taste! I've made jelly with them but am not crazy about what I consider the flowery taste of it.