Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A little sunshine.

on a rainy day.

With the exception of short bursts of sunshine ... you would think we lived in Seattle this summer. We actually hit record rainfall this year. After all the complaints 2 summers ago ... this really doesn't feel any worse.

The sun does peak out here and there. And when it doesn't ... you just gaze at zucchini flowers!


Rudstroms said...

You take amazing photos Anita, I'd like to get myself a camera w/ interchangeable lenses and all that jazz. We do quite a bit w/ our photos and enjoy capturing our family and our surroundings. Maybe one of these days. Now that I know you're out there, I've added your blog to my reader list.

Kendra Jean Photography said...

Cool picture! you DO take very neat pictures. Fun to see all the beautiful scenery through your blog!