Sunday, August 8, 2010


I only have one day left of vacation! I go back to work on Tuesday ... then On Call Thursday and Friday evenings as well. It has certainly been nice to be off for a week. I wonder what I use to do when I wasn't working so much. I remember! I had little people around my feet. I was changing diapers, fixing bottles, cleaning spills, rocking babies and reading to them. That was then. Now I just appreciate a week to catch up on the things in life.

I've gone fishing several times ... and not gotten one thing. Just to be out enjoying the beauty of God's beautiful creation has been enough.

I actually loaded up the truck with donations and dropped them off at the thrift store on Saturday ... and only took out one shirt before I took the bags out of the house. Can't make a trip to the thrift store without going inside, right? That just wouldn't do. So we did ... and came out with only 2 things. A bulletin board that we promptly snazzed up ... and another bag for Tia.

And ... I've been able to spend time with this delightful child of mine who thoroughly enjoys her flavored, gussied up coffees.

There are two things left on my To Do List for the vacation week.
1. Pick broccoli at the farm (I'm going for green beans as well.)
2. Register Anna for school (That really wasn't on the list, but registration is tomorrow and she's still in MN having a grand time.)

I'm rather surprised at myself. I even managed things like vacuuming out the computer. Dust at my house? I know ... who'da thought.
I'd rather spend my time in the kitchen with the oven on, but I have this refrigerator that runs nonstop. Almost nonstop. Seriously sucks up energy and probably makes my meter spin sideways. I even pulled that bugger out on Saturday ... and Tia helped me clean it out. Was totally worth the trip to ...

... being as I probably haven't been there in the past year. I must say the french fries were scrumptious!

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jessica said...

LOL on the McDonald's! my grandpa sends gift cards from there for my kids so I just went and redeemed them today. and yes, the fries are yummy, down to the last bite of greasy goodness. :)
by the way, love the new blog look!