Thursday, July 29, 2010

The melting pot that we call our yard

has several modes of transportation with different license plates this morning.

A van with Minnesota plates came and parked on Tuesday evening. Joyce and Brian made their way here from Minnesota, without benefit of flight, and are here with two darling kiddos. Trina was certainly the center of attention at Bible Class last night with all the young girls.

Tanner has certainly grown since I saw him last!

Tanner was busy watching this young man teaching him some interesting new tricks. Watch out Joyce! You may not have a tow strap left when he's done figuring out how it all works. :) I wish I dared try it. I can just see myself landing with a stick through my noggin or something like that.

Isaac Skoog flew in Sunday evening. I know that his mom is sort of missing having his toothbrush in the bathroom. "What?" you say? Really, she did. Right here. Just scroll to the bottom of the page. We have been enjoying his talent on the guitar as well. :)

I think he's been keeping himself occupied while he's here ... and anxiously waiting for his friend to arrive. Johannes got here last evening ... on a motorcycle (Virginia plates this time around) .. after driving 8,000 miles. I really am thrilled that people just get out and do things like this instead of being stuck in a rut somewhere. He left from Maine 20 days ago and has traveled via Juneau where he visited his aunt for several days. I don' t know how long he plans on being here .. sounds like they intend to do some touring of Alaska. There is plenty of it to do!

I am feeling a little elated giddy. I have 16 hours of work left before I get a few days off. The list of things to do in that few days is sort of long ... accomplishment will feel wonderful!

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how fun that they are there!