Monday, July 19, 2010

Saturday evening Corn Toss

Either it is my computer (which is about a hundred years old) or Blogger itself, but something is giving me fits this morning. Can't resize pictures easily. Have added and deleted several times. That does it! I'm done!

The rain is back again this morning.
I'm certain there is a good reason for it.
Forest fires are being prevented.
My yard is getting smaller as the trees just keep on growing and crowding in.
I need to use a brush hog or something!
Saturday evening Tia had an itch to get outside and play something ... and am grateful for her pushing.
The day was absolutely Divine! The weather sunny and beautiful. The job list nearly done. A visit from Charisse with the boys. Pulla baked. Enough bleach hit the bathrooms that I'm likely to smell it for the next week!
Time to head outdoors for a bit and enjoy it!

I think she played one game?! The rest was done by Fred, Jari, Brock and I ....

while she took the camera ....

and spent some time snapping ... in between tramp jumping.
The mosquitos have been blessedly light at our house this year,
giving us plenty of time to be outside without the ravages of mosquito bites. (Mind you ... that doesn't stop us .. we have the perfect cure for the prevention of and the treatment of those critters.)

Oreo enjoyed watching the game ... after nearly getting beaned (or should I say "corned") in the head while investigating.

Thinking of Oreo ... competition never stops around here.
Either it is me working very hard at thoroughly trouncing a good hand of Monopoly Deal.
The kids. Need I say more in that department?
Or the pets.
Oreo gets great satisfaction out of mousing ... and this year has been kind enough to keep her catch outdoors.
Saturday, Duke decided that she shouldn't have her mouse ... and took it from her!


Anonymous said...

Really enjoy your blog...curious about your defense of mosquitos. We are dreaming of making the move to AK, knowing how to fend off the little stingers would be helpful if we ever make it ;-)
Thanks in advance.
The B's from South Dakota.

Anita said...

Try using Lemongrass Essential Oil by Young Living. We put a drop or two on our palms, rub them together and then run our hands lightly over our hair, face (avoiding the eyes) and clothing. Can also be mixed with water in a spray bottle. It works terrific when standing out on the river fishing. :)
Keep on dreaming!