Tuesday, July 13, 2010

.... around here ....

  • Finished going through all (oops! found two more) of our videotape over the weekend, labeling and sorting it all. What a trip down memory lane. I really wish I could attach a few clips on here. Would be so fun!
  • I even managed to find the floor of my bedroom this weekend. Maybe I don't use my clothing as carpet, but the stuff! Where on earth does it multiply from?!
  • Anna is still toodling around Minnesota and waiting for confirmation camp to begin on the 21st. We are missing her around her. :(
  • Brock celebrated a birthday yesterday and has managed something in the last 2 weeks that I will share with you in another post. I'm aiming to get photos tonite after work.
  • Jari left last night to go dip netting. He can bring home 65 salmon ... let's see how many he comes home with!
  • The sun peeks out every once in a while. Yesterday was absolutely beautiful. The house was over 80 degrees inside ... today it is raining again.
  • I've had a headache for almost 4 days now. This is getting ridiculous. Better this morning, but I think I'm in need of a visit to the chiropractor.
  • I've been on track 6 of cd 3 of the book I'm listening to for 3 days now. Does that tell you anything?
  • Off to the shower (and hope that the sparking blow dryer continues to work) and then to the donut bag at work.

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