Saturday, July 3, 2010

Off to a bonfire.

So it was rather late when we started out.
I took a quickie nap after dinner.
Jari started downloading updates to his i-phone and wiped out the entire phone.
THAT became a big problem involving all kinds of monkey business that I don't understand, so it got to be after 9:00 pm when we started out to the bonfire.
Over the top of Hatchers ... I've never gone over the top before!
My camera and I don't get along very well when it gets dusky outside so I just left it at home.
Shouldn't have.
Remember that next time, Anita!
Made do with the camera on my phone.

We were looking for a paper plate attached to a tree on a dirt ride to the right ... or maybe the left ... which way were we coming from anyway?

We rode high up in the clouds. Knowing that we were surrounded by mountains and steep drop offs on one side of the road at all times. Catching glimpses of a mountain top here and there.

Back down out of the clouds ... absolutely beautiful! Mind you ... it was about 10:30 at night. Summer is still with us. The clouds were out in force and rain drops started falling as we descended.

We did find the paper plate.
And we met Ross & Denise coming out on the one track path as we were heading in.
So, backwards we went.
They were all soaked and leaving.
We got a good Friday evening drive out of the deal.
Saw so many beaver dams we were just amazed.
We marveled at the people who live in this world's inner cities who will never get to experience this kind of wonder.

And then we stopped for ice cream, chocolate and icees at Turner's Corner. Always a Post Hatcher treat for us. Kind of a habit to be perfectly honest.

Home to lose one game of Monopoly Deal and win another ... and hit the mail pile ... done with that ... cross that off the list!!

It is now tomorrow ... 2:00 a.m. to be honest .. what am I doing?!?!

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