Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I missed the party.

I missed the 25th Anniversary Party this evening for Becky & Wayne.
The party was a tad bit early as their anniversary isn't actually until August 24th, but family was in town ... and it worked.
Well ... not all of the family was in town.
I was home pouting a little bit.

I got over it.

I was on call and had to head back into work. As I was entering the hospital, I met Sharwyn leaving. She just got back from a cruise that took her to ports in Russia, Finland, Sweden, etc. Before she left, I had told her to think of me when she stood in front of the Tuomio Kirkko ... and if she had a chance ... to sample some Geisha chocolate.
My favorite.
Guess what she pulled out of her backpack and handed me.

So I had my wee little pity party with Geisha chocolate. Mmmmm. It was delicious. Then I had to hide it.
Jari really likes Finnish chocolate.
He ingests it faster than I do! (one really wouldn't think that was possible .. but it is.)

What else does one do at a Pity Party?
They head for the greenhouse ... where outside the potato plants are growing quite nicely. Next years garden is going to be quite sizeable ... I'm hoping ... in a different location.

Into the greenhouse where flowers can grow in any container available. Isa, do you remember this oil can? I confiscated it for the summer.

Tomatoes are blooming ... and I'm seriously thinking about piping music in for them. Remember that I have a bee hive growing in the greenhouse. I hand pollinate ... I fertilize ... I might start singing. I really (in case you can't tell) would like some tomatoes this year.

The plants sure like to grow. Will see if they manage to do anything else for me.

I gave up on the zucchini outside ... and started some inside. The look much better inside. Grow ... grow ... grow. I'm just tasting grilled zucchini. Might be handy if they bloomed first, tho'.

I know if you shake the tomato plants ... the entire greenhouse smells like tomatoes. But raspberries? I'm sure I can smell them somedays. I'll have to figure out how to trim these plants after the growing season. Any hints and tips are welcome. I've never had raspberries before and really don't know what I'm doing with them other than watching them grow ... and hoping to eat plenty of berries.

The strawberries are doing what they're suppose to. It is always fun to find a spot that works for something. They love their home. We love that they love it. They're giving us absolutely delicious tasting berries ... two at at time. We share that way. :)

I did some more walking about the yard ... will share another day. In the meantime, should you call, you'll probably find me out here. My favorite ever place around here. The sun (should it shine) likes to beat through the roof and heat the porch up quite nicely. It actually hit a whopping 90 degrees the other day. The mosquitos haven't been issued an invitation inside which really makes it quite nice. We haven't moved the grill ... and decided not to. Makes hauling food to the kitchen very convenient. The chairs are comfy out there ... and you only have to watch where you sit when it rains for a while. Then the roof leaks. But who cares? Not me. I still love it out there ....

watching the peas grow.


Joni said...

I love your creative gardening ideas!! It's funny (but a good thing) how when I have the great Finnish chocolate at my fingertips, I rarely buy it. I'm with you though, Geisha is about my favorite. Well, there are sooo many good Fazer flavors now, I'd probably like every single one if I tried them - never know if I'd find another favorite! :-) But next time you swing through Finland, we'll have to have coffee and a Geisha ice cream cone. They're so yummy! There's a lump of Geisha chocolate smack in the middle. And no calories at all! :-)

Jessica said...

you amaze me with your gardening ambitions!