Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!
Almost made it through the week ... couple more hours to go.

Anna left for Minnesota yesterday.
Our Anna is such an easy going person. Gets along with everyone and her personality is so sunny. We are going to miss her around here. She's off to Summer Services in Minnesota this weekend, then some visiting with family and friends ... and finally on the 21st to confirmation camp at Stoney Lake.
Now I need to get busy and find her updated immunization records and fax them in.
Problem: the school has them and the school is closed.
First on the list of things to do this weekend is find something and get it faxed in.

No camping for us this weekend. I had wanted to go to McCarthy, but we'll save it for another time. I volunteered for Call on Sunday as we were planning on staying home for the weekend. On the list instead:
  • clean out the dreaded mail basket
  • start working on mucking out the basement
  • find a miracle cure for my wilting cucumber plants
  • try to make some refrigerator pickles
  • dust the baseboards
  • spend as much time outside as possible
  • do some baking while inside and listen to services online from Minnesota
  • maybe barbeque a bit and visit a bit
  • take in the parade in Wasilla
  • win a few rounds of Monopoly Deal
Have a great weekend!

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