Friday, July 23, 2010

I did promise you ...

Our dear Anna on Wednesday getting ready to load up onto the bus in Rockford and head to Stoney. She is off to camp for the next 11 days and I know that she will make many new friends.

I was at work and my phone kept getting these picture text messages from Becky.
Thanks so much, Becky!
It is a bit difficult to not be there and not be able to head there this summer ...

this was one way to share the day with my daughter ... and even catch a glimspe of a face from her younger days in Phoenix. I think I spy Cassidy pulling the red bag. (Her mom will be as glad as I am!)

I was nearly dripping and needing a tissue by the time I got this one.
I could see enough to send Anna a text that said, "I just saw your bus leaving ....".

My poor camera is probably going through withdrawls this summer. I know that we have been out and done a few things, but I've not had an opportunity to get out a really snap some photos. Maybe in the next week.

It has been a very rainy summer .. sort of reminscent of our first one here. (We got a teaser of a beautiful one last summer.) Yesterday the sun was shining here and there ... and it was raining when I came home from work at 9pm again. I will really try and get out a bit this weekend.

Yesterday I did the unimaginable. I know my alarm rang ... at least three times ... more if I hit the snooze. I know I shut my eyes after each rining. I really know that because I woke up and looked at my clock at 8:06 a.m. I guess if you're going to sleep in ... you do it up right!?! Nothing quite like having that slimey unshowered feeling all day long!

Off to start a Friday.
Maybe work late again this evening.
Send Jari off dip netting again in the morning.
Hoping to make it to a wedding tomorrow evening.
Maybe spin some laundry over the weekend, cut some rhubarb, spray some bean plants that are being eaten ...
and start the purge process. :)

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Debra said...

Anita, it has been SO fun to get to know anna and spend so much time with her, we will really miss her when she heads home, already the house seems empty without her and she's only at confo! i'm hoping to make it up there next sunday if i can get work have a very lovely daughter; thanks for letting us adopt her for a short time! :)