Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fish, fish, and hoping for more fish!

Jari is gone dipnetting. We've never done this before. We aren't doing it now either, but he sure is! This is not a small trash can ... and those aren't minnows. (No photoshopping involved here!)

These are red salmon. A mite bigger than the ones we were getting on the Klutina a month ago.
Total catch for yesterday: 39 reds, 1 king, 6 (hmmm ... can' t remember?!)
I remembered before hitting the POST button ... 6 flounder!
Today they're hoping to finish up and bring home 30 fish each.
I am going shopping for freezer bags or something!

This young man would be our new 17 year old Brock. He has been doing some outside work on Fridays & Saturdays ... and earned enough the first weekend to net him some wheels.
It has been weeks of saving pennies ... adding more pieces ... doing more work ...
and voila!
He was legally driving it on his birthday!

I do have to tell you something about this young man.
He is going to give his dad a run for his money in the "getting it cheap" department.
He chewed down the price of his car ... from $100 to $80 and even got jumper cables thrown into the deal.
It is amazing how none of our children are carbon copies of us. Each has pieces of us rolled into them. Some more than others.
This one ... likes to wrench on cars.
This one ... he wants to wrench on cars without help from his dad .. who, by the way, would just take over and do it all. 'Cuz that's what he does.
This one ... he wants a straight pipe on his car. (His mom isn't sure what that really is but knows that it will wake up the neighbors.)
This one ... will just start doing it himself so dad doesn't. He has learned well.
Just like his dad ... this one is capable of a serious and sober face for a camera lens.

And ... he can be coaxed into sharing that wonderful smile of his.

Right now ... I refuse to think about the fact that next year he'll be leaving us and joining the adult world.

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Anonymous said...

oh brock, we miss you here!! what a handsome man you are, even when you're serious :) good job on getting the car for such a good deal! and man, that fish looks awesome!! you could always send some this way if you weren't sure what to do with it!!