Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My coffee is hot ... and I'm down to 5 minutes ...

but I wanted to share a few more pictures from the weekend. It may take me all week to get these on here! There is nothing like browsing Copper Center in the rain with a camera. Snap picture ... tuck under rain jacket ... snap another picture ... tuck in again. Well worth it tho'!

Ingenuity is something, isn't it? This was on the wall at the place we camped. He had all kinds of interesting flower containers ....

While I was busy snapping ... Donna & Anna found the jewelery. My Anna does love jewelry. :)

Back to the parking spot to cook up some hotdogs and then put out a fire. I can just envision these two twenty years from now ... still playing with sticks in the fire pit.

Some things never change. Whether it is boys in the fire or myself gazing at piles of old wood. I was nearly salivating at this stuff. I had made so many frames and fun things ... and hadn't even touched the stuff. It is still sitting there. I didn't help myself ... I was itching to ask tho'.

This would be our typical Alaska ... where we love our flower baskets.
They just brighten our summers.

I really have to run.
I spent the evening outdoors after work yesterday.
Rhubarb picked again.
Petunias tossed out in the woods. (I'll tell you why ... and then would you please remind me not to plant them next year.)
Anything, just anything, to be outside and enjoying the summertime.

Really, I'm going.
Have a great one!

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