Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rain, rain, come our way ....

It looks like ... we just may be getting some rain today.
Cross your fingers.
We desperately need some.

The cucumber plants are nearly all blooming.
The pickling cukes even have what looks like little starts of cucumbers.
Mmmm ...
Tomato plants are growing like crazy, but not yet blooming.
Carrots are up in the greenhouse and I may have seen a few outside. Need my spectacles on to see if it is a weed or not.
Strawberries are blooming and shooting runners. The plants are large and luscious!
Rhubarb has gone wild.
The flowers I am planting this year are planted and/or potted.
Next come the peas ... and the peppers need to make it into large pots. I bought marigolds to try and keep the aphids at bay. Should probably go get another couple of 6 packs of those for tomato companions as well.
The lawn is mowed and looks beautiful!
Couple of hostas in the ground and hoping to see something wonderful out of them so I can split them next year.
Next year ... a larger cleared spot for a garden ... moose fencing ... and canning jar shopping.
For the moment ... I love going out there after a day at work to see what else is popping up ... and what I need to thin.

The truck lost the serpentine belt yesterday.
Don't ask me.
I don't know about these things.
I do know that it had worn away the top of the pulley that it rides on.
And I do know that it picked the most convenient place to quit.
Not at home.
It picked the parking lot of the Super Shops ... where it should be getting new pieces today.
We cannot hardly believe that we made it home from Valdez on Monday. We haven't a clue how that happened. Well ... we do have a clue. We have a mighty big clue. Remember that Finance Department that wasn't sure it should be going? That one couldn't have handled a breakdown somewhere between here and Valdez. God was watching over us.

After waking up to a nightmare that "Charlie the Bear" (grizzly kind, mind you) had me in his arms sometime at about 1:38 a.m., I was up at 5:30 this morning. Laundry is spinning this bright and early morning. Anna & Tia are over at Jolene's and going to help her do some packing for a move to a new place of living. They'll have a grand day today!

Me, I'm just hoping for rain ... and to work 'til 11pm tonite!


Forstie said...

I have been pollinating my squash and watermelon by hand for I have only seen one bee on them and was getting no fruit..

Anita said...

Last year I hand pollinated the green house and then was told by someone else that they never do ... and they get all kinds of fruit! No pollinating for me this year. :)