Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fishing and a suprise for Tia

Seriously, I love surprising my kids.
Totally love it.
I don't know how Tia didn't pick up on the fact that we were getting company, but she didn't.
Not a whit.
She knew we were getting company.
She just was off the wrong track ... sort of helped there by dad.
Thursday nite Ken & Donna came up for their first trip to Alaska. We are thrilled to have them here! Can't wait for them to see some of the places we thoroughly enjoy. They'll be going off on a few adventures of their own ... they'll love it .. we're sure of it.

Friday evening dinner was fresh caught Klutina River salmon ... after shopping for fishing licenses and waders for a planned trip out on Friday nite. Delicious!!

Drive up along the Glenn Highway. We probably left around 7ish pm.

Got up to the river with plenty of time to spare. Ken & Donna's licenses weren't good 'til midnight ... no use spending money on a day with an hour of fishing in it. Save it for the other end instead.

Met Nate & Rita there with the kids ... both had caught their limits and it was time for Leah to do some fishing. What a helpful daddy he is.

While waiting ... I learned how to attach the necessary things to my line. Figured by the time I was done ... I deserved to catch a fish. Okay ... I'm still not going to be clubbing the thing, removing the hook or fileting ... at least not yet.

Midnight finally came!!  Shortly after this we moved on down the river and I left the camera behind. We fished 'til about 4 a.m. when I couldn't see straight anymore and was so tired it was getting a wee bit chilly. Mission accomplished!! Ken, Donna and I had all caught our first Alaskan Salmon!! Jari did a great job of getting plenty more for us.

I have never stood on a river fishing and watched the sun rise and set ... all within a few hours. Solstice is around the corner. Finally got the camera when we got back to the truck ... at shortly after 4 a.m.

While the sun was lifting up into the sky ...

people started to fill the river banks. Night fishing is awesome. You're virtually alone out there. No combat stuff going on. I nearly hooked Jari while throwing out my line ... would really hate to hook someone I don't even know!

Before my eyes closed and my neck moved to a permanent crooked position for the ride home, I did manage a "stop for a minute" moment. I really wish I could have stayed awake. There was no hope for me. Imagine the beautiful photo opportunities I missed along the way. Voi etta!

This is what happens when you fall asleep and don't hide the camera ... you sort of get caught in the act. Thank goodness the other 3 in the ride took turns driving. Home to sleep for a bit ... others for a longer bit. :)

Ross came over with his vacuum sealer thingy and ...

they got to work! Love the supervisor there .. he did a great job of it!

Tomorrow it is off to the Sunday School picnic ... and it's raining. Maybe if we all cross our fingers hard enough it will stop for the day. This summer is starting to feel like the one 2 years ago. Cool and rainy. I guess I really don't care, but I would like the vegies to have some heat and sunshine for a bit.

Me? I'll still choose the sweatshirt over the air conditioner.

There is also that salmon fishing.
I'm hooked.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having fun! That's awesome that Ken and Donna made it, and can just picture how excited Tia was to see them. The salmon...can taste it over here...maybe I'll have to stop in the cities on my way home on Monday and pick some up.

Forstie said...

I will trade the a.c. for a sweater to..P.L.

Anita said...

Paul ... welcome up here! Plenty of nursing jobs available when you're done with school. :)
Jen ... wondering if you'll be up here this summer for the FRESH salmon.

Heather said...

Congratulations on the salmon!!! I wouldn't learn how to filet a fish, if I was you!! We went up to see some friends who were camping and I had to hold an instructional session on filleting of fish. The comment was that "live is better than a video". Sadly, I wasn't even fishing and didn't catch any of the fish, nor did I even get to eat any, though we were invited to come back the next day and eat dinner :) Can't wait to get to Alaska for fishing!!!!!