Monday, June 28, 2010

Has it been an entire week since I've visited with you?

My goodness.
What a week!

In a quick recap ...
Last Sunday we attended the Sunday School picnic. The weather surprised us and was absolutely beautiful! Enough so that Janelle (in the shorts and brown tank) needed shorts. Mind you, she's here visiting from Phoenix. Okay. She's been here for a while ... several weeks. Doesn't take long to acclimate! My pictures turned out rather cruddy and I didn't manage to get too many of them.
We left the picnic a bit early and went drove up to share Hatchers with Ken & Donna. A must see if you're up here visiting with us.

We brought home a new friend to spend the night ... and lost another kiddo for the nite. (It's been that kind of a fun summer with lots of folks up here visiting. Super fun!)

Monday had Ken & Donna heading down to Seward and Homer. They did plenty of sight seeing and got in some halibut fishing. We did some more kid swapping day by day ... and more company in the evenings.

Thursday I had the day off work. Surprise!! Donna and I headed to Anchorage with B, A and T. Anna leaves to Minnesota for confirmation camp in one week ... and I'm getting a bit stressed. She needs things. Then she needs, really needs, more things! We got the confirmation black skirt and white top done. Whew! She found a purse that she just had to have ... otherwise she did really well! Dinner at Noisy Goose (or whatever other name we came up with) in the evening.

Thursdays car ride to and from town was quite fun. I laughed 'til I cried sometimes. We started playing with states names and came up with an endless mix of things.

What did Della wear? (Delaware)
A New Jersey.
She spilled a mini soda (Minnesota) was ended up washing tons (Washington).
Why did she do that?
I don't know. I'll ask her (Alaska).

Good stuff.

Friday it was back down to the Klutina again. This time we were a tad bit smarter and much more unlucky in the fish department. We hauled the camper along. We're more than ready to accept the fact that we aren't 18 years old ... and would like to get some sleep here and there. It worked out quite well. Stop for a "potty stop" without waiting in lines at restrooms ... while the youngest one takes a nap at the same time. Maybe she has a wee bit of her mom in her. I can sleep wherever and whenever ... love it!
The skies didn't look incredibly bright and brilliant on the way down ... and we never did see the sun.

We did camp right next to the river ... couldn't get closer for dipping the lines in the water. Problem was that the fish weren't having any of it.

So we walked down the street to the Fireweed Festival ...

browsed the museums ...

and even showed off Eskimo YoYo skills!

And, now, I've run out of minutes for this mornings chat with you. My coffee is cold in the cup and I must be getting off to work. We did have a fun day on Saturday with many mega somethings used up on the camera ... I'll be back to share!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a great time with ken and donna there! that picture of them is really cute:) who is the girl with Tia?