Sunday, June 6, 2010

"I Can Explain"

Rearing of children is something else.
We go through all these phases of having "guests" live with us.
"Not Me"
"I Don't Know"
I'm sure there have been many others that have lived with us as well.

Friday evening Blayde brought me an industrial size back of Vermiculite for gardening purposes. I should have vermiculite for the next several years. I hope it doesn't go bad. Went to grab a pair of scissors and came up with with half a pair. I know that scissors are light, but it was sort of like lifting your purse when you didn't replace the wallet full of change in it. An expected light lifting.

Probably because I came up with half a pair of scissors.
Mom: "What on earth happened here?"
Brock: "I can explain."

And so we move on to the next phase of life. The "I Can Explain" guest is here. We really like this one. It takes responsibility for it's actions. It keeps us from wondering .. although sometimes it probably leaves us guessing for a little while. If in the end "I Can Explain" owns up to their mistakes ... we all learn from it.

I could write so much on life lived with teens, but won't do it at their expense. That's not fair to them .. and none of them are illiterate.  I should secretly be writing a book or journal somewhere ... published when they are all gray haired like their mother. I'm not doing that either. I figure that God gave us memory relapse in our old age for a very good reason. I'll remember the fun stuff and forget the things that are best forgotten.

This weekend, tho', we had a very good lesson in "I Can Explain" that went well beyond the scissors coming out of the cup as half a pair. Somedays you just have to smile when you see your young people turning into responsible young adults. Makes parents smile and their hearts warm ....

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Joni said...

We have been a bit exasperated lately because of things that nobody knows about - nobody has done it or seen it happen. I have gotten a bit worried even, are we creating liars in our house? Well, maybe it's at least in the norm - but we'll of course still work on trying to hammer in how important it is to be honest. So it sounds like it would be nice to get to the 'I can explain' stage! :-) I'm sure that's not always easy to deal with that stage either, but ... seems to me it'd be easier than the 'huh?' 'don't know anything about it' phase!