Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday morning ...

I heard the oddest thing this morning. Was sitting out on the porch and I heard what sounded like a cow eating grass. Munch, Munch, Munch. I really have heard that sound before.
And. I. Don't. Own. A. Cow.
I had a moment of fear for my garden.
Then I realized that the sun has been in hiding and my garden doesn't really know what it should do without sunshine.
So, what does a good girl do?
She grabs a camera.
And couldn't find any critters to capture.
Instead she captured a bit of everything else around here.

I have been assured that the lawn will be mowed on Saturday. I don't know that I would necessarily call it a lawn at this point. Maybe a weed patch. But it is green ...

and our darling Duke does love to smell the flowers ... he doesn't care what color they are.

Lilacs. Everyone else has lilacs in full bloom. Mine are trying to get there. I'll just get to enjoy them longer. :)

My mystery white tree that blooms absolutely beautiful and gives me no fruit whatsoever. She gives plenty of beauty enough without the fruit ... I'll keep her.

Strawberries doing a great job of growing ...

while I'm way behind in the zucchini department.

The nasty little critters are building themselves a home in the greenhouse. We kicked them off the screened porch ... looks like they found a new home. We're letting them stay a while. We even made extra holes for them so they could get in ...

and we're hoping they do the pollinating for me.

Dahlias probably won't grow for me. If my lilacs still aren't blooming ... is it any wonder that my tulips won't bloom? Why do I think that dahlias would?

Violas are just the daintiest ever.

The wooded areas are absolutely beautiful. Full of soft feathery ferns and wild roses.

You're not likely to catch me on a shopping expedition of any kind in my free time. Instead, perhaps I'll take a camera with me and head out on an explore through the trees this weekend ... seeing what I can find.

Another busy weekend around the corner. Jari went fishing today with Steve Forstie ... talk about a throwback in time. They use to fish together every Tuesday evening ... for years. Did they golf on Thursday mornings? I can't remember which day of the week it was. They'll have a great time, and if the kings are biting for them ... then it'll be what my dad calls a perfect day of fishing ... nothing to clean!

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