Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy rainy Sunday!

After another late nite ... got one item off the "still needs to desperately be done" list. Thank goodness.

So, on my way to wake up the girls who were "camping" outside ... I snagged the WORKING camera for a Family Circus kind of route.

Although it has been a rainy and sunshine absent week, the zucchini looks a bit overjoyed! Good thing, 'cuz I'm tasting some zucchini bread coming up sometime soon!

Mini strawberry plants that I picked up yesterday. Hoping to get them into the ground on Monday. Next to the rhubarb that is being picked. Strawberry Rhubarb pie all in one flower bed. Yum!

The ferns are opening.

And this stuff is growing everywhere! I didn't know what the immature leaves looked like and mistakenly thought they they were something else. I need to figure out a way to harvest this stuff!

Picked up this handy little book yesterday at Carr's. Wouldn't you think that if the book has a sticker 25% off and the sign on the table says the same ... that it would be 25% off the sticker price? Wrong. The sticker was priced 25% off the manufacturer's price. Got it anyway. And as I paged through I learned something. This lovely blooming purple plant is actually a wild geranium. Okay ... I'll keep them. They are kind of fun and are popping up everywhere.

Now comes my problem. I need someone to come and help me. And make it quick. The cutting board I borrowed from Amber last evening. I don't have enough hours in the next week to do what I'm suppose to be doing with it. I'm on call 2 evenings this week in addition to the 40 spent walking my feet off. Aargh. Will get done what I can get done.
The chalkboard was a garage sale find for $2. Have wanted one for quite a while, just wasn't willing to pay for one. It was a bright orange color that just wasn't going to work in this house. It turned red Friday evening while I chatted with Ronda on the phone. Multi tasking is a beautiful thing! Next come the clip boards. I'll share them with you if I manage to get them done in the next couple of days.

Time to get off the computer. I'm taking 6 girls to today. It is raining outdoors, but the chuckles inside the warm and dry car ought to be a good time! I'll share later tonite or tomorrow bright and early!

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Anonymous said...

I really don't want to rub it in again but I'm off all next week so if you are needing a bit of help just give a call. Could get a production line going kind of like the one last night. :)